Digging Deeper, Building Better: Eminent Excavating, Michigan's Underground Experts.

Water Main/Water Services

Eminent Excavating is a trusted name in water infrastructure. Our proficiency extends from water mains to gate valves and fire hydrants, ensuring reliable and efficient water systems. With precision in installing and maintaining water leads, we contribute to the safety and accessibility of clean water in our communities.

Sanitary Sewer

Eminent Excavating leads the way in underground sanitary solutions, excelling in sewer taps, leads, sanitary manholes, and precise manhole adjustments. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures the seamless functioning and maintenance of crucial sanitary infrastructure, setting industry benchmarks for precision and reliability.

Storm Drainage

From comprehensive drainage solutions to innovative bio retention systems and expertly crafted ponds, Eminent Excavating is your partner in managing stormwater effectively. Our expertise in installing and maintaining drainage systems, catch basins, and eco-friendly retention systems reflects our commitment to sustainable stormwater management practices.

Grading & Excavation

Eminent Excavating's proficiency in site work is unparalleled. From land balancing to efficient earthwork and clearance, we sculpt the groundwork for successful construction projects. Our expertise in earthmoving ensures a solid foundation for your endeavors, reflecting our commitment to precision and excellence in every aspect of site preparation.

Site Clearing

Eminent Excavating offers comprehensive site clearing services, including brush clearing, tree removals, and land balancing. Our expert team transforms overgrown or uneven terrain into a clean, safe, and development-ready space, ensuring your project starts on a pristine foundation.

Dry Utilities

Eminent Excavating is your go-to for Dry Utilities, excelling in vault installation, strategic handhole placements, meticulous electrical conduit setups, and expert preparation for gas main excavation. Our precision-driven approach guarantees seamless utility integration, ensuring a robust and reliable infrastructure for your project.

Concrete Services

Eminent Excavating excels in concrete work, offering precise curb installation, flawless sidewalks, driveways, and meticulous road paving. Our expertise guarantees durable and professionally crafted surfaces, ensuring safe and reliable pathways, driveways, and roads.